Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Review: Wiking Still RX Forklift

Sometimes a small model railway accessory can make a big difference to the way we portray what we are modelling. In the case of Wiking Model's 1:87 HO scale Still RX forklift, the little 4 cm long model adds a whole new dimension to a vacant concrete loading area beside a railway siding.

Yep, underneath is nothing much to look at, but the floating tynes and forklift mast are a nice touch.

Like many HO scale model vehicles sold as accessories for model railroads, the underside of the model consists of your basic black plastic shell with the manufacturer's stamp and simple detail impressions. That matters little when the model is positioned beside the plastic moulded timber crates that come with it. Wiking make a number of different model forklifts including 5 different versions of the Still R series. With floating tynes and mast, not to mention fine steering wheel, seat, dashboard and pedal details, the model is finished off nicely with a seated figurine dressed in modern reflective safety work wear. Forklifts sold in Australia come in a variety of shapes and colours. The Wiking model of the Still RX 70-25 is finished in silver and orange, and compared to the run-of-the-mill plastic yellow oversized and out-of-proportion garbage forklift models that clog eBay, the Wiking model is by far superior. You can take my word for it as I spent 14 years operating forklifts for distribution centres.

A little model that makes a big difference to a simple yet realistic scene.

So with a sliding door louvred van shoved into place beside the concrete plant, the little guy on the forklift is going to be kept busy loading finished product ready for the next train. Not only does the forklift give the vacant concrete area a sense of purpose, but it's a neat little model in its own right.

Review Card: Wiking HO scale Still RX 70-25 Forklift.


Final Thoughts: This little model gives a simple concrete loading area a reason to exist, and Wiking make 5 different versions of this forklift.


  1. The forklift needs to be weathered, along with scratches and dings from interaction with bollards and pallet racking, and it's missing the 45Kg LPG bottle on the back.

    1. Nice observation. I can feel a scratchbuilding project coming along to get a gas bottle on the back. There's room enough for it, and I can also hear the yard foreman yelling "who dinged the brand new forklift?"

    2. Damn! A forklift would be nice - one of older vintage perhaps... but if your layout depicts a quiet branch line with no major industries,which was closed in 1978 - what are your choices? Looks like I'll have to come up with something...


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