Thursday, 11 August 2016

Review: Auscision Models' HO scale Railer

Recently I picked up an Auscision Models' HO scale rollingstock railer from a trade stand at the Gold Coast Model Train Show. Although I have no problems in placing my HO scale rollingstock on the rails, I'd read that Auscision had these manufactured to aid with placing their Tangara sets on the rails. With the bogies hidden beneath the side cladding of each car, aligning each bogie would be akin to feeling your way in the dark. So knowing that my pre-ordered Tangara set will be arriving before the end of the year, I wanted to be prepared.

Auscision Models' Railer lines up perfectly with HO scale track, even code 100 like I have used.

At first glance it looks like you are shelling out $20 for a piece of plastic with some advertising on it. But once you take it from the packet, you soon realise that the railer is actually well designed. Whether you are using it in a staging yard or on your layout's mainline complete with ballasted track, the railer sits in position over the rails and allows for a smooth transition from the railer to the rails.

Simply place a wagon on the raised end of the railer....

I tried it out using one of my cement wagons belonging to another manufacturer, and found that it was as simple as placing the wagon on the railer and letting go.

....and sing 'let it go' as it rushes down to join the other wagons on your layout.

The wagon doesn't gain too much speed as it rolls down the railer and onto the rails, however, if you're worried about too much coupler crash as I am, then simply place the railer a little further away from any other rollingstock before singing the words to the song from Disney's animated movie Frozen. These HO scale railers come in 7 different colours, I chose the colour closest to Countrylink Blue. Only now as I write this I realise that it is also the same colour as Elsa's dress from the movie Frozen, and my biggest fear is that I'm going to be singing "Let It Go" every time I place a wagon on my layout.

Review Card: Auscision Models HO scale Railer

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Final Thoughts: A simple device? Yes, but a brilliant little one at that. Because I can't compare Auscision's Railer to one of their 5 star locomotives, I give this 3 stars, but 3 out of 3.

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