Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Review: Auscision's RH/RV butterbox containers

Unable to start any major projects on account of two upcoming model railway shows in August, I thought I'd catch up a little with some reviews of the new items that have found their way onto my layout so far in 2018, continuing with the RH/RV steel coil containers by Auscision Models.

Available in packs of 2 for $29.95, these are a nice model of a modern Aussie prototype.

The RH/RV steel coil containers, more affectionately referred to as 'butter-boxes' by anyone that knows a thing or two about Aussie railroading, are a unique, modern inter-modal container introduced in the mid 1990's to carry steel coil loads. Having the same dimensions as a standard 20' foot shipping container, (with the exception of the lower roof height that drops down from the corner posts), the butter-boxes were designed to have the top half lid lift off the coil carrying container platform, eliminating the need to manually tie down tarpaulins as was the case on the NCNX coil steel wagons. Over 800 of these containers were built between 1995 to 2005, and continue to be used from Port Kembla to Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. Auscision Models first released these containers in 2010, with a second release in late 2017 making a total of 10 different liveries available to choose from. My two Pacific National RH butter-boxes arrived in the simple blister display pack above, and were soon put to use on my layout.

Up close there's a lot to like about the Auscision Models 20' foot butter-boxes, umm, coil steel containers.

The side-ribbing gives the containers a heavy industry look about them, while the lettering and numbering is crisp, clear and legible. The lift points, moulded lever handles for the lid and raised stack-able corner posts lend the model an interesting look compared to the standard look of a 20' or 40' foot shipping container. From a modelling point-of-view, they create a great deal of interest when running on any of the Auscision Models container wagons. On my layout they arrive into Philden Yard aboard the Auscison Models NQTY container wagons, in much the same manner as shown on the prototype photos on Auscision's website. The four corner holes in the base line up perfectly with the twist lock nodules on the NQTY, and ran without any issues at both this year's Brisbane and Toowoomba Model Train Shows. All they need now is a little bit of weathering to blend them in with the other wagons that will form the basis of my steel shunt for many years to come.

There are still a few items for me to post reviews on before the arrival of Auscision's 20' foot side door containers and their long awaited 442 Class locomotive brings my 2018 layout overhaul to an end. Plus two model train shows that are fast approaching in August. Beyond that, I have some major projects to complete on the layout before worrying about where I will next exhibit my layout. Before that, I have one last railway adventure to head off on this weekend.

Saturday I head off from Queensland on a week long trek across outback New South Wales and down to the Murray River on the border of Victoria. Despite still working on a new book from my recent trip over to the southwest of Western Australia that will (hopefully) be out in time for Christmas, I'm approaching this trip with the mindset that it will be my last as far as collecting material to write any further books is concerned. There's only so much time that I can steal away from other projects to be able to entertain anything other than releasing one final book sometime in 2019. It's been a blast researching and writing on railways and train travel for the past 8 years, not to mention the four novels that stretch back even further to 2005. After explaining why in my post ending a career positively back in May this year, its hard to believe the moment is now here. So I'm sure you can understand why I'm looking forward to getting up at 3 am this Saturday, and driving south for one more adventure.

Review Card: Auscision Models RH-RV Steel Coil Containers

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Final Thoughts: The unique appearance and shape of these 'butter-box' containers are a modern-era favourite of mine, and easily one of the nicest HO scale container models available!

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