Here's a look at the track plan and the construction of my layout

My layout is now essentially complete, and measures 260cm x 32 cm including the staging area.

My HO scale track plan is nothing too extravagant, and consists of nothing more than 2 x PECO left hand SL-96 medium radius turnouts, 2 x PECO right hand SL-95 medium radius turnouts and a PECO SL-90 medium radius double slip, all insulfrog and in code 100. The staging shelf is a simple two track affair with each track wired with a simple on/off isolating switch and operately entirely in DC power. But the fun was in its construction. Read on and you can follow its progress step-by-step.

Here's how I constructed each building

My NSW G-2 Goods Shed was the first building completed on my layout.

My A-4 type station is reminiscent of a New South Wales country railway station.

The Signal Box was a later addition to my layout, and is based on the one at Neath in NSW.

This kit-bashed cement plant is my layout's major industry.

The beach extension later replaced my staging shelf.

Here's a walk-through of Philden's construction

Philden is now completed to display standard on the eastern Australian exhibition circuit.