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Since 2011, I've been sharing my Railway Reminiscing stories over on my author blog at From growing up in Gosford, to chasing trains up Ardglen bank, you can enjoy the 100 free articles I have written on the railway stations and forgotten lines that I have explored Down Under. There's even an account of my railcruising adventure in Rotorua, New Zealand.


I've come across hundreds of great model railway blogs on the internet, but listing too many here causes search engines to mistake this site as spam and omit my blog from their search results. So to avoid that happening again, here are my all-time 30 favourite blogs in order of the date I first added them from fellow modellers around the world...

  •  The Patch Railroad - Keith Jordan's Santa Fe HO switching railroad ~ May 2015
  •  Lambing Flat James McInerney's HO scale NSWGR layout ~ Jun 2015
  •  Bogong & Geehi Railway - Murray Scholz's Victorian On30 layout ~ Jul 2015
  •  The Model Railways of Chris Nevard - Chris Nevard's UK OO layouts ~ Aug 2015
  •  Cathkin - Walter Hinterberger's HO scale Victorian Railways branchline ~ Sep 2015
  •  Port Rowan - Trevor Marshall's S scale Canadian National layout ~ Nov 2015
  •  Burrowa - Peter Hearsum's HO NSWGR Southern Tablelands layout ~ Dec 2015
  •  Bron Hebog - Rob Waller's 009 scale Welsh Highlands model railway ~ Jan 2016
  •  Algonquin Railway - Ryan Mendell's HO scale Canadian model railway ~ Feb 2016
  •  South Coast Rail - Bob Stack's On30 scale NSW South Coast layout ~ Mar 2016
  •  Die Cochemer Bahn - Frits Osterthun's HO scale Southern Germany ~ Apr 2016
  •  The Main North - Marcus Ammann's HO scale NSWGR model railway ~ May 2016
  •  TrainScape - Jose Manuel Gomez Maria's Spanish railway dioramas ~ Jun 2016
  •  Nystrup Gravel - Claus Neilson's 1:35 scale Danish industrial railway ~ Jul 2016
  •  Rhyd - David John's O14 scale narrow gauge North Wales layout ~ Aug 2016
  •  NSWR in the Seventies - Ben Gray's HO scale NSW bookshelf layout ~ Sep 2016
  •  The OTCM - Oly Turner & Chris Matthews' 4 mm British layout ~ Oct 2016
  •  The Niagara Branch - Hunter Hughson's HO NYC branchline layout ~ Nov 2016
  •  Philip's Creek Phil White's HO scale NSWGR layout ~ Dec 2016
  •  USMRR - Bernard Kempinski's O scale US military model railroad ~ Jan 2017
  •  Border District - Anthony Palmer's Victorian & SA Border HO layout ~ Feb 2017
  •  Craig's Shed - Craig Mackie's HO Casino & NSW North Coast layout ~ Mar 2017
  •  Feldbahn-Modellbau - Marcel Ackle's 1:35 scale dioramas ~ Apr 2017
  •  Thunder Mesa Mining Co. - Dave Meek's On30 Wonderland layout ~ May 2017
  •  The Newcastle-Fassifern Railway - Garry Glazebrook's NSWGR layout ~ Jun 2017
  •  ATSF Surfline - Alain Kap's HO scale 1940's Santa Fe Surfline layout ~ Jul 2017
  •  Stockton & Copperopolis R.R. - Don Ball's HO scale 1895 U.S. layout ~ Aug 2017
  •  Brolgan Road - Rick Fletcher's 1960's Central West NSW HO layout ~ Sep 2017
  •  Palisade Canyon R.R. - Brad Meyer's N scale tracks across Nevada ~ Sep 2017
  •  Building Wagga - Rob Nesbitt's HO scale Tumbarumba branch layout ~ Jan 2018

If you like trains, but aren't in the mood to model, (not as in the pirouetting in stilettos type modelling, but the type more familiar to model railroaders), then YouTube might just be the place to scratch that itch and get your train fix. I know I'm guilty of wasting hours on a Saturday night watching one train clip after another. So from Santa Monica to Sydney, here is my current line-up of top train time wasters from YouTubeLand!

  • Starting in the hills of Southern Queensland, this drone footage shot by Dylan Rail Photography is a great teaser for perhaps my favourite steam train tour in Australia, aboard the Southern Downs Steam Railway. Departing Warwick for Stanthorpe and Wallangarra, this trip climbs the Silverwood Range, with views of where I'm hoping to one day retire. See if you can spot the cow stampede in the background as C17 class loco 971 puts on a show!

  • Next stop is the Rocky Mountains, and a grand piano being played from the flatcar of a passing train! My wife is a huge fan of the Piano Guys, and the music in this video, channelling both Vivaldi and the Bourne Identity soundtrack, is as amazing as the scenery the train passes through. Watching pianist Jon Schmidt and cellist Steven Sharp Nelson is a Saturday night in itself!

  • Moving over to the United Kingdom, and this Great Western Railway OO scale layout was actually built by Aussie Gavin Thrum and filmed by YouTuber Peter Lucas of Adelaide. There's something about the quaintness and history of England's Big Four Railways between the war years that makes me consider a switch to British modelling every time I see a layout such as this. Working my way through all 8 seasons of Michael Portillo's Great British Railway Journeys hasn't made the bug go away either! But an N scale steam era layout like this sitting beneath Philden? That would just look brilliant!

  • Then its across to the shores of Australia, where Phill from STV Sydney Train Vlog Videos has somewhat of a cult following. This clip is Vlog number 1,127 taken from Wondabyne on the Hawkesbury River north of Sydney. Wondabyne is of course a request stop station in the middle of nowhere. You can only get there by train or boat! When you're done, there's always your pick of more than 1,000 of Phill's other YouTube clips.

  • Tim Hart, the drummer from Aussie band Boy & Bear has just put out this music video for his new song A Long Way that opens at a railway station and includes constant shots of a model railway under construction in a garage. Proof perhaps that trains are still definitely cool? The double NR class locos racing by on a steel train might appear the obvious reason why I included this clip on my list, but the song is catchy, beautifully folksy and led to me downloading Tim's album The Narrow Corner from iTunes. While the song has become my new model railway anthem, I still can't make out the name on the station seats where the video was shot. Can anybody help me out please?

  • And to cap it all off in Sydney, there's the awesome high speed driver's cab rides posted by Sydney Trains Cab Videos. There's over 100 clips posted by Sydney's mysterious dance-club fuelled train driver. This one takes you from Sydney, across the Harbour Bridge and onto Hornsby in just 7 minutes! Kudos my friend, and try not to bust-a-move.

Watch this space as I add more cool clips from YouTubeLand...

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