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Here's a snapshot of Philden's favourites from the wide, wide world of web

  •  Craig's Shed - Craig Mackie's HO scale Casino & NSW North Coast Line
  •  Lambing Flat James McInerney's HO scale NSWGR layout
  •  Building Wagga - Rob Nesbitt's HO scale Wagga Wagga, NSW layout
  •  South Coast Rail - Bob Stack's On30 scale narrow gauge layout
  •  Brolgan Road - Rick Fletcher's 1960's Central West NSW HO layout

Since 2011, I've been sharing my Railway Reminiscing stories over on my author blog at From growing up in Gosford, to chasing trains up Ardglen bank, you can enjoy the 100 free articles I have written on the railway stations and forgotten lines that I have explored Down Under. There's even an account of my railcruising adventure in Rotorua, New Zealand.


I've come across hundreds of great model railway blogs on the internet, but listing too many here causes search engines to believe this site is spam and omit my blog from their search results. So to avoid that happening again, here are my all-time 30 favourite blogs in order of the date I first added them from fellow modellers around the world...

If you like trains, but aren't in the mood to model, (not as in the pirouetting in stilettos type modelling, but the type more familiar to model railroaders), then YouTube might just be the place to scratch that itch and get your train fix. I know I'm guilty of wasting hours on a Saturday night watching one train clip after another. So from Sydney to Santa Monica, here is my current Top 5 time wasters from YouTubeLand!

  • First up Sydney, and the awesome high speed driver's cab rides posted by Sydney Trains Cab Videos. There's over 100 clips posted by Sydney's mysterious dance-club fuelled train driver. This one takes you from Sydney, across the Harbour Bridge and onto Hornsby in just 7 minutes! Kudos my friend, and try not to bust-a-move.

  • And while we're near Sydney, Phill from STV Sydney Train Vlog Videos has somewhat of a cult following in Australia, and this clip is Vlog number 1,127 taken from Wondabyne on the Hawkesbury River. Wondabyne is of course a request stop station in the middle of nowhere. You can only get there by train or boat! When you're done, there's always your pick from over 1,000 of Phill's other YouTube clips.

  • Next up is Canada, and YouTuber's SantaFe5811 clips taken from his railfanning excursion through Canada's canyons. This one features some stunning riverside running through the Golden Campgrounds on Canadian Pacific's Kicking Horse Pass. Love the sound of those big GE's.

  • While we're in Canada, have you seen the guy with a train in his basement? No? Well it's none other than Jason Shron of Rapido Trains who lives in Ontario and has built his own 1:1 scale mock-up Via Rail car in his house. Talk about the ultimate train room!

  • And finally for a bit of fun, could this be a clue as to the next model railroad layout I am building? Trains, palm trees, surf and of course a bit of off-beat comedy as only Nathan Barnatt can provide. For when you need a short break from all those train videos that is.

Watch this space as I add more cool clips from YouTubeLand...

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