About Me

Here's a little about who I am

That's me watching trains at Carrington Dock in Newcastle during a visit in 2016.

As a lifelong railway enthusiast, I have spent the past three decades exploring the railway lines of Australia and New Zealand while taking photos of our disappearing railway landscape Down Under. Philden emerged as a model railway project to remember all those grand train chasing adventures I shared with my wife and family, back before our kids grew up and just the thought of Dad stopping to take a photo of a train brought a sigh of disapproval from the backseat.

These days, my kids have both grown up and are enjoying their own adventures in life, leaving me free to explore some of the back roads in search of trains with my ever patient wife Denise. And then there's Philden, a wordplay on our own names by combining Phillip and Denise. This 9' foot x 1' foot HO scale bookshelf layout was built to travel and was featured on the cover of the August 2018 edition of Australian Model Railway Magazine. At home, it straddles my desk and was supposed to provide me with all the inspiration I needed to write my next book. Instead, well.... you may just have to keep an eye out for it at model train shows in Australia over the coming years.

That's me at Townsville while riding The Sunlander during her final months of operation in 2014.

As the author of four published novels, it stands to reason that I also have a lifetime of railway stories to tell. My Train Tripping Series of self-guided railway adventures were my attempt to share these humorous tales and railway misadventures gathered from a year of riding as many trains as was possible, before money dictated otherwise. My latest releases are a series of full colour railway photography books, all of which are available exclusively through Blurb. I hope that readers may discover these over the coming years long after I've finished writing, and look back at the dying days of nostalgia associated with Australia's railways, as one by one, the relics and railway stations featured in my books are fast disappearing.

All my full colour print books are available exclusively through Blurb while my eBooks can be found on Apple's iTunes store.

With my layout and railway books now nearing completion, I hope this blog will continue to be stumbled upon by new readers and modellers the world over. You can rest assured that behind the scenes I'll still be running model trains, when I'm not chasing after them in my car that is, for many years to come.

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